Kehlani – CRZY Lyrics

I go, I go, I go

(Verse 1)
Everything I do, I do it with a passion
If I gotta be a bi**h, I’ma be a bad one
I’m AI with the…du-ragging
Bounce back game two, why we talking practice?
Pull up score when I want to
Best thing, they say Heaven
They be tryna count me out though
I’m just counting, counting blessin’s
A real woman by the paper
Ni**as don’t know where I came from
Why I really, really came up
You never could say I’m back in
All this s**t I’ve been through and it made me more real than assassin
I kill em, I kill em, I kill em with compassion
And baby if they asking

Tell em, tell em, tell em
I go, I go, I go, crazy, crazy
I go, I go, I go, crazy, crazy
Live for the challenge, only make me stronger
One more reason to turn up on em
I go, I go, I go, crazy, crazy

(Verse 2)
Lit, lit, lit, lit
Only L I take is to the face
You showed up to see me lose
But I overcome so you overcame
Basic, basic
Ain’t nothing bout me basic
I’m crazy, I’m crazy
Better watch what you say to me cuh
Young Sway got the answers
Give em head, give em
Big couch, no manners
Dirty, dirty, dirty dancing
Take a look at what I did
Go for circle with the wrist
Whipping-whipping up the grits
Get a hand full of this nicely
I got it, I got it, I got it
And you gon respect it
Ain’t nothing, ain’t nothing, gon stop me from making it happen
So baby if they asking

(Repeat Chorus)