Denyque – Proud Wifey Lyrics

You come a hype wid you likkle one touch
You likkle bickle meck you come a hype up
But Denyque wifey yeah
That you only can dream bout
All my wifey’s put your rings up
Nuh haffi beg you man fi link up
No side chick naw go like me
Oh but I care zero

(Verse 1)
Talk you talk mi nuh response
When mi walk keep you distance
Girl now you roll and stick wid it
Me and mi man don’t need you assistance
Wi look like seh wi short a nothing
You six grand don’t half wi dozen
No other gyal cyaa push mi button
Mi name deh pon every tickle

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
The situation a get out a hand believe me
A just how you treat it
Caw mi a wife but mi proud a mi life
Too cute fi a live in a secret
Mi couldn’t love a brother who clearly love another
No, nuh fit fi cheatness
A nuh side chick thing
A the chick wid the ring
Just a likkle one touch you can keep it

(Repeat Chorus 3X)