Juicy J – Where The Justice At Lyrics

All lives matter
My prayers go out to all the families and all the victims
This sh*t need to stop mane, real sh*t mane

Ni**a got a hundred pills, tryna pay the bills
Get a hundred years, where the justice at?
White boy, same charge, shed a couple tears
Never see a cell, where the justice at?
Catch you with that bomb, you not going home
You ain’t got no bomb, where the justice at?
And cops will gun you down, caught you tryna run
Swear they saw a gun, where the justice at?

(Verse 1)
We just tryna get some money, can you blame a ni**a?
Tryna make it out the mud, they wanna hang a ni**a
They wanna take our freedom and put chains on us
We ain’t all equal, they runnin game on us
Crooked politicians and private prisons
Give a ni**a life sentence cause it’s all business
He just tryna put some food on the table
And take care of his babies and his pregnant old lady
Laws pulled him over cause he ran a stop sign
He ain’t even strapped, he’ll probably still get shot down
Tried to call his lawyer cause he thought he had rights
Cops shot a ni**a dead cause he fear for his life

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
You ain’t safe at home, you ain’t safe at work
If you black, you ain’t even safe at church
You ain’t got a case even on tape
Watch em kill a man on Instagram and still get away
We ain’t got no piece, we ain’t got no peace of mind
Everyday we leave the house, we’re out here fighting for our lives
Born black with a target on your back
Where they shoot you over nothing they still wonder why you strapped
Came home from the feds, and he right back in the trap
Who the f**k gon hire you? My ni**a it’s a wrap
You a felon and you lucky if they even shake your hand
Mane you crazy if you think they giving us a second chance

(Repeat Chorus)

Mane, where the justice at?
Where the justice at?
Where the justice at?
You know everthing ain’t really about race man
It’s motherf**kers out here just doing what the f**k they wanna do
And thats f**ked up
Where the justice at?