Bow Wow Gets Blast For Silence on Police Killings ‘Minding My Business’

Seems Bow Wow can’t get a break. Whether he speaks out or stays silent he gets in trouble on social media.

The rapper/actor posted on IG last week about how well he is living. “Sleeping on the softest pillow in the world ?. 6am on the west coast.. How you living? #wenttosleephere #wokeuphere #ATK,” he captioned a video.

One of the rapper’s fans commented on the post saying “You have a voice speak up.” But Bow Wow shot back saying “I’m minding my business.”

Bow Wow is not the only celebrity who is getting chewed out by fans on social media for not speaking out on the week long violence across America that saw two black men being killed by police and also five police officers being murdered.

Several celebrities including Beyonce, Nicki Minaj, Rihanna, Chris Brown and others have spoken out against the violence. T.I., Snoop Dogg, and The Game have also lead peaceful protests in Atlanta and Los Angeles.