Fetty Wap – Shake Dat Azz Freestyle Lyrics

(Verse 1)
Two Fifths of Patron and we gone baby
We be f**king till the morning baby
Cuz girl you got the biggest one
Can I come over and give me some
Bout to DM you my digits ma
Zoovier Im about my benjis ma
What time would you like me to hit it ma
Shawty had to hit me around 2 Something
Hit it back and she was like oooh nothing
Pick Me up Later we gonna do something
Two Hoes in the lake, they boobs touching
Let you hold the record, don’t lose nothing
Ay Baby Im cool running
Attention to all the girls in here that say they f**k with me
Yeah Baby
If I bring you to the crib you better not f**k with me
Yeah Baby
Cuz the same s**t that I just do cuz my bi**h gonna whoop your ass
If I see you post a picture up then I’m gonna come get your ass
Then she answer that baby I ain’t with that s**t
So I strapped up bent her over hit that s**t
And she looking like dam boy you meant that s**t
I’m running in the pu**y like cool running
You hotter than two
Trying To f**k my bi**h, you bugging
Ay Im Zoovier, I can get you bent up quick
And try to take my grip and feel that handgun quick
Shake it fast, But Watch the pot
Scrape the sides, collect the drop

Ni**as say he say
Pick It Up G Straight hustling, hustling!
Chop in the…waiting on my mom
Coming with this fire like HIYAH
This is…running up behind him
Yeah my baby is 4
Running up behind him
You’re Done
You’re Done
And Uh…You’re Done
No Seriously, You’re Done
You’re Done
You’re Done!