DJ Twin Featuring Playboi Carti & Sean Kingston – Booted Up Lyrics

Turn up

Diamonds blue, okay cool now
She don’t go, I make her jump off the roof now
Ya I need a cup, too much juice now
Try your little ho, and see me up and out
Booted up, ya-ya, made her hold that down
Booted up, ya-ya, she be up and down
I’m booted up, ya-ya, made her turn around
She came through, ya-ya, just to f**k around

(Verse 1 – Playboi Carti & Sean Kingston)
Diamonds blue, okay cool now, aye
Tat me whole neck cause I’m up now, ya
Throwing hell guap, we ain’t up and down
If I call your little ho, she be up and down
She up and down
Mile after mile of saying Kingston I’m so freaky now
Pu*** wetter than the ocean so I might drown
How deep is your
She gone off that molly, gone off the drank
Till they call about 100 grey cash, what these haters might say
Cause I’m up now
And they know I’m up, woah yeah

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2 – Playboi Carti)
She came through just to f**k around
In Cali I’ll smoke a pound
Sipping on that Bobby Brown
Whitney Houston I be now
Switch up the flow, been getting dough
Top down, I’m on sunset, now I’m shining on you hoes
You was hating, said I would never make it
Wish a ni**a try to take it
Run up on me, you can hate fit
Run up on me you get shaked like bacon
And I ain’t talking about the seasoning
Ni**as be hating for no reason
Ball all day they play no defense
Ah feel like I’m Steph Curry
See that money in my face so I gotta run to it, ah
Ain’t no talking, ain’t no playing time is money
ENT, that’s the gang that I’m reppin, ah

(Repeat Chorus)