Trill Sammy Featuring Skippa Da Flippa & Rich The Kid – Look At My Ice Lyrics

That’s right, I gotta take em off man
Cause there’s only one, and that’s me
You understand? For all the fighting you understand?
S**ker thing he good, s**ker think he want me I know he can’t

(Chorus – Trill Sammy)
Look at my ice, yeah, you can’t help but stare
Spend a lot on these Margielas, yeah, 1500 for a pair
While I’m laughing to the bank though
Sipping drank though
We smoke OG not no mango with your main ho
Look at my bi**h, yeah, you can’t help but stare
Spent a lot on her Burkin bag, now she gon keep it real
While I’m laughing to the bank though, smoking dank though
Diamonds dancing, we can tango, you see my chain glow

(Verse 1 – Trill Sammy)
Diamonds dancing like Chris
I got a white bi**h, she rich
But I think she really want Rich
She not never get no kiss
I’m kicking her out, she can’t stay (like Martin)
I swear I’m in love with her face
I’m moving them packs in the Bay
I…these ni**as don’t….stay
You loving that bi**h, she’s a thot
Just look at my diamonds, my watch, I’m loving her top
You see the Margielas I cop, I’m driving it straight off the lot
Early morning get the paper, made 100 bands off rapping
Only 18, how that happen?
But I’ma flex and throw all that back

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2 – Rich The Kid)
Diamonds dance on me like Chris
Bought a Burkin bag for your bi**h
Then I drop 100k on my wrist
Back in the kitchen, I break a brick
1500 for some Loubes
I get kissed and caught her boo
I’ma flip her to the crew
Bought the Wraith, the Masi too
Look for your bi**h, you can’t find her
Pocket got cheese like lasagna
Givenchy f**k her in designer
Rich forever, money piling
Look at my wrist, yeah
Rollie diamonds look like piss, yeah
I was broke, hit a lick, yeah
Foreign bi**h on my d**k, yeah

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 3 – Skippa Da Flippa)
Flippa, chop the brick into angles
Forgig the Range Rove
Pull up in the…it’s a photo with Jimmy and Mango
The trapper was dying but we gave it life
With a Rollie pure ice and a…look like rice
The Beemer cost 140, let’s be precise
So many chains like I just hit a heist
Big money bag when I walk in the bank
We stand ready so I bought me a tank
Flew to Germany to get some new paint
I be stunting, and I do what you can’t
I pay a rack for some regular shoes
2500 I spent for the Loubes
She don’t f**k with me cause she say that I’m rude
And I do what I want because I made my own rules

(Repeat Chorus)