Chris Brown Denies Trashing A Villa In Ibiza

Chris Brown is once again on the defensive regarding a recent report that he literally trashed a villa in Ibiza that he was renting.

The landlord reportedly called cops on Friday to get the R&B singer and his crew out the house, TMZ reported. The landlord also complained that there was extensive damages including urine and vomit all over the house. There was also some damaged walls.

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The Landlord claims that Chris Brown owes him $26,000 and also want to get an additional $34,000 for damages. But Breezy is calling it BS by posting a video of the house claiming that there was no damages.

“We ain’t f**kin’ no sh** up,” Brown said. “So, if y’all see some bull**** on TMZ, them saying ‘Chris Brown and them trashed the house,’ or whatever, that’s the people, the landlords trying to get money.”

Chris Brown also claimed that the landlord tried to get $4 million from him but that will not happen.

This news caps off a difficult week for the “Back To Sleep” singer who had two lawsuits and a bitter split with one of his publicists who claimed that he called her a “do nothing b**ch.”