Kevin McCall & Karrueche Tran Beefing Guns Drawn

Kevin McCall and Karrueche Tran beef is the most unlikely feud you will ever see.

Their feud is a spill over from the singer/rapper beef with her ex-boyfriend Chris Brown. Tran did warned McCall to back off last month following a series of tweets.

Kevin McCall Draws Karrueche Tran Into Chris Brown Feud

So it seems now she is taking matters into her own hands or perhaps its just some goons that she has around her not liking what Kevin McCall has been doing lately. McCall is now claiming that Karrueche crew pulled up on him and drew a gun.

While we seriously doubt Karrueche Tran has anything to do with this, McCall is saying that if he retaliate at this time it would be in self defense.

Kevin McCall is also claiming that he might have had a history with Karrueche Tran. Maybe he was just saying that to get under Chris Brown’s skin.

“I probably was set up BUT its cool. I got something for next fellas…lets dance,” the singer wrote on Twitter.

“They got the “buffest” guy they could find I guess I was supposed to get scared but…they also forgot I run 4.3 40,” he tweeted.


  1. Carlos Tromell Fraser

    Id have let my thugs brush him…. he would have gotten a few tump inna him face

  2. this dude needs to grow up. babez yah mad dem from 19 how long, karrueche eva blessed tran