50 Cent Arrested In St. Kitts For Dropping ‘MF’ Bomb

50 Cent found himself behind bars in St. Kitts over the weekend for dropping the “mother*****” bomb during a performance.

In most parts of the Caribbean swearing like that will get you arrested just asked Drake and Snoop Dogg who both almost got arrested in Jamaica in the past.

50 Cent Booed In Atlanta Refused To Leave Stage At Hot 107.9’s Birthday Bash

Sources say 50 Cent was warned before going on stage not to use any profanity but he still did. Right after his performance ended cops showed up backstage and took him into custody.

You can see in the video below 50 Cent was performing “P.I.M.P.” but not the clean version or he didn’t move the mic from his mouth. By the way, 50 and Dr. Dre is being sued for that single.

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Fortunately for the G-Unit chief it was only a small offense and he was ordered to pay a fine and was released. 50 Cent then board a flight straight back to the U.S. shortly after his release.

That incident capped off an embarrassing week for 50 Cent who was kicked off stage during his performance at Hot 107.9’s Birthday Bash in Atlanta the previous weekend. That was an uncomfortable situation for the rapper who may have also made a few more enemies.