Khago Rant About Delus Having AIDS Blast Dancehall Fans

Khago is not too happy about all the love pouring in from dancehall fans since the death of Delus on Wednesday.

The dancehall singjay posted a video on his social media page ranting about what he calls a double standard from some fans of the genre while hinting that the late deejay may have had HIV/AIDS.

Delus Sends Suicide Video To girlfriend Before Ending His Own Life

The “Nah Sell Out” singer blast fans telling them that they should have been giving Delus more support while he was still alive and let him feel better even if he had the deadly virus. Khago didn’t stop there, he also told some of his fans to go do the unthinkable to their mothers.

Since news of Delus’ death spread, there have been widespread rumors that he may have contracted AIDS and committed suicide after learning about it.

Sources also said that he send a chilling suicide video to his girlfriend of himself holding a gun to his head moments before taking his own life.