I-Octane – Hold You Lyrics

(Verse 1)
You know mi naw pretend
Nough gyal a try fi ride mi naw si dem
Dem a buy mi flight fi come si dem
Fi mi join dem company

Mi turn mi woman in a real sidey
Just fi have you beside mi
Mi deh try avoide hi
But every likkle thing you do girl mi feel lively

A weh you do to mi heart meck it a move suh?
Move suh, move suh
You meck mi fall in-love and mi nuh know you
Know you

I just wanna hold you, hold you in my arms
I just wanna hold you, hold you, keep you warm
Baby, you driving me crazy, crazy girl
Never seems to amaze me

(Verse 2)
Want you for my lady, my lady, my lady
Carry my babies
And it seems like your not materialistic
But baby I wanna buy you a Mercadies
Am just kidding baby

But big man thing
Mi love the way you walk
Love the way you talk
And you morals dem deep
Suh mi know baby you smart

(Repeat Chorus 2X)