Sonny Digital & Que – We Be On Lyrics

(Chorus – Que)
I smoke gas and I take meds
I sip purp and I drink red
If you ain’t my ni**a I don’t shake hands
And round here, we make bi**hes break bread
That the type of s**t that we be on
That the type of s**t that we be on
That the type of s**t that we be on
That the type of s**t that we be on

(Verse 1 – Que)
I’m the type of ni**a that’ll break a bi**h
Balling on that 2002 Lakers s**t
S**t’s going right, feel like I’m Michael Jordan
Took your bi**h and upgraded her for Michael Kors
We set all the trends, the other ni**as follow
And for that paper I’ll knock the beef straight out your taco
Head honcho, I’m plugged with Pablo
Four five Glock stole, it’s loaded with high low, oh
Only rock gold, my ni**as will not fold, no
Top floor at the W, we mob ho, oh
Knock the pu**y out, two piece and a combo, oh
Red dot woah, turn ni**as to John Doe

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2 – Que)
I’m a dog ni**a and my ni**as is too
Styrofoam cup filled up with pimp juice
They want to ride the wave but they don’t know how to surf
I don’t want to hit you blank, you can keep that dirt
Took a vacation just to clear my mind
I know your jewelry fake, I can tell how it shine
Ooh, I smoke gas and I pop strips
Money pu**y drugs, them my three addictions
I’m with the same ni**as, never switching up my mixes
Getting top inside my office like I’m Bill Clinton
How the hell he do that
Selling d**k to all these bi**hes, only known for New Jack

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 3 – Que)
You ain’t got my payola, it’s game over
If she ain’t tryna f**k, do not bring her over
Now it’s time, overtime to wake him up
And nine times out of ten the dog why y’all breaking up
Hopping out that Tesla
Rolex with the big bald head like Uncle Fester
Top chopped dog
I’m with you big and top dog
She s** me so long she caught lockjaw
Hopping out the Tahoe, got the woadie with me
Got a point to prove that I can f**k these boujie bi**hes
Mixing up the xannys with the adderall
I’m a dog, I got bi**hes in my catalog

(Repeat Chorus)

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