Wiz Khalifa Claps Back At Popcaan aka Poptart Says He Gave Drake a Hand Job

Wiz Khalifa and Popcaan traded dubs and disses at last Friday’s Red Bull Culture Clash in London.

Popcaan first diss the Taylor Gang emcee before dropping a fiery Drake “One Dance” dub plate to seal a victory for his MIXPAK squad with Dre Skull, Tony Matterhorn, Spice, Kranium and others.

Popcaan Diss Wiz Khalifa Drops Drake ‘One Dance’ Dub At Culture Clash

But Wiz Taylor Gang crew didn’t go down easy. During his set he dropped a “We Them Boys” dub but not before taking a few shots at Popcaan calling him a “Poptart.”

“Hey Poptart I know you gave Drake a hand job for that drop, but that wasn’t a real dub,” Wiz Khalifa said.

Popcaan did told the crowd “f*** Wiz Khalifa” before dropping that legendary “One Dance” dub. When you can drop a dub from the top of the Billboard Hot 100 chart it says a lot.

The Red Bull Culture Clash is a hugely popular event in the UK featuring an indoor sound clash event.

There are rumors circulating that Popcaan could be featured on the remix for “One Dance” which is already a huge hit.

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  1. Haha, di man really clown PopTART