Wale – Back to the Sun Lyrics

Ain’t anyone f**king with the muf**king God Folarin
Know what I’m saying?
Lexicon legend, hahaha

Ni**as hate and ni**as love
Ni**as hate and ni**as love
Ni**as hate and ni**as love

(Verse 1)
F**k with me
Mh, yeah, packing my bag, ni**a
Tell them ni**as who so called pass, I’m on that ass, ni**a
Rare bi**hes in Raf Simons, my pack lit up
Loud in me, I’m flying high as Bilal singing
Boy, back in my groove, younging
Hundred-thousand for jewels, but it’s cool, I let my glues cover
And the hoes love it, but I got a good woman
And I never post it cause all them vultures will probably hover
What up? Thugging, addressing the mass public
Attitude is f**k it, I’m living what they covet, so run it
Younging, troubled, beginning was humble
Ni**as flexing for that Gram, but they still live with their Mothers
They s**kers, they lying, they liars, V’s on my tire
It’s two things I never mind is their opinion and stylists
I’m riding, I’m sorry Folarin gotta be so defiant
See you Chiciate, Chico, leave your people to violet
Violent, quiet, I’m young, stacking my fund
And the back of the backing, I got my back to the sun
Got my eye on this young chick who be acting and such
Never act up in public and really ratchet and clueless
I’m quite distinguished, and rarely do I mingle
And I really do my thing out here, really I just
Eyes is on the prize, moon is in the sky
I used to sit up at night like I knowing this isn’t right, like God!