Juicy J ft. Travis Scott – No English Lyrics

(Intro – Travis Scott)
Don’t know no English
Don’t know no English

(Chorus – Travis Scott)
Party today til tomorrow, til we don’t know no English
Models, talking to models, and they don’t know no English
Took that bi**h out of state, where they don’t know no English
My ni**a just got back from the case, cause he smoked on no English

(Verse – 1 Juicy J)
Travis Scott, ni**as out here talking that Brokanese, mane
We don’t understand none of that s**t
A ni**a been wilding all night, mixing that dark with the light
F**k around, took a ni**a bi**h, now a ni**a wanna start a fight
Ni**a wanna take me out the zone
Working out, that’s strong
I told a chick, hop in the whip
Let me know if she wanna let me hit it before I make it home
And shawty ain’t nothing but a freak
She been popping that pu**y all week
She wanna let me hit in the backseat
It don’t matter if she a freak in the streets, my sheets
She don’t even know what I mean
When I say she gotta do it for the team
Lean lean, won’t do it for the Gram, she’ll do it for the green
Nah mean? Ching ching!
My broad don’t speak no English
And my weed is Jamaican
In Miami with Haitians, my shooters got no patience
I just got me two ladies, they get high and get naked
Shoot it all in their faces, swear to God this sh*t crazy

(Verse 2 – Juicy J)
My ni**a got caught with the birds
Bet the ni**a never say a word
He was like,no habla Ingles
N**a, I don’t give a f**k what you heard
I ain’t gotta pay for the Act
Got a chick in the back of the pharmacy with the syrup
Bi**h, I’m a vet for the check
I had these hoes lined up, like the 1st and the 3rd
I can count a 100K in day, count a mill twice, double up at night
Ni**a say, ain’t got all my dope
Ni**a, better go somewhere, get it right
Bi**h, you better go somwhere, get a light
Thirsty ass bi**h tryna get this ice
Lame ass bi**h tryna jack my Rollie
Bi**h couldn’t see me even on Skype
Kobe and Shaq all in my Sprite
Whisky, Champagne coming in all night
Ni**a I’m good, you can’t comprehend
I’m tired of giving broke ass ni**as advice
I’m on my way overseas, I’m counting G’s til I land
I speak money, no translator, bet the bank understand

(Repeat Chorus)

(Outro – Travis Scott & Juicy J)
Straight up
Don’t know no English
You know it, Straight up
Don’t know no English, Straight up
Don’t know no English
Must be nice, Straight up
Let’s get it
Don’t know no English