Jahmiel – Different Eyes Lyrics

(Verse 1)
Poverty still nough
Life road still rough
When the bills dem build up
You maybe get you hill cut
Cause It’s a jungle out there
Nothing like chill hut
Nough people get kill but

I wish there was a way that was better than this
Hungry man an angry man
And him nuh get a sandwich
Suh weh you feel a go happen
When him can write and read but forgotten

Seen from some different eyes
I could never have a piece of mind
How does the people in the street survive
When we can hardly get a piece a pie
Wa bout the youth dem living prison life
Follow wrong and never listen right
Before you use yo mouth and criticize
Tek a look over pon fi wi side

(Verse 2)
Is like you prepared fi things get worst hi nuh
Suh you bring more police pon you turf hi nuh
You can run but where to go
Jah naw sleep, suh Jah a see it

How long you think you plan a go work
When as the righteous wi nuh honor no dirt
Feel like you on top of the world
But the time a come fi ghetto youth properly earn

(Repeat Chorus 2X)