Wale – Her Wave Lyrics

I don’t give my love away
I don’t give my love away
Cause I know you got that wave
Everybody ride
I transat that, yeah she here
And don’t want it for years
Let me take you out
This gear all the bi**hes like
Buy her, right right

This ain’t bout no feelings, girl
This ain’t bout no feelings
Let me get you off the floor
I ain’t got no ceilings
I don’t really know you really
But your IG 250
How cool is you? Bravo
That’s sarcasm and that’s my bag
And if you not with it, gotta roll
I’m too lit for ya
Cross my heart and 4 limbs on that
Think about it, don’t talk about it
Social awkward, I’m an introvert
I make it nasty, I make it nasty
I make you cum so much it make you mad
I’m talking uh uh, get it back to back
Skrt that, I’m like a straight up savage
That face, body and mind, yeah
How many compliments you need today?
I won’t play ya and I keep it wet
To your team, it’s a rain delay, yeah
Under legs, you got an arm on her
And she tryna escape, yeah
I’m a little excited
But you not tryna go, don’t be tryna stay
Still cool with the young, round the way
Still blow tree, but the G round the way
Til P told me she don’t really like the beat
Said RIP, then I found a way
Knock ya head, knock ya head, leaving ya
Winter cold with it but I’m Easter fresh
The realest ni**a screaming DNP for life
When ni**as into you, you ni**as into you

(Repeat Chorus)