PeeWee Longway – Jam on ‘Em featuring Bloody Jay & Rae Sremmurd Lyrics

(Verse 1)
Bi**h I don’t wanna f**k around with you anyway
I got my own money, I don’t need your help, thanks
Think she struck the load, bi**h gon out the door
Bi**h, get it on with that hoe s**t
Bi**h don’t s**k d**k, I don’t wanna f**k with
Hit it, she a quickie, I’m on to some more s**t
Bi**h talking money for the pu**y is bulls**t
F**k it, Bloody Jay hit the bi**h with the dope figure

(Chorus – PeeWee Longway)
Jam on em
I just jam on em
I just jam on em
I just jam on em
I just jam on em
You knew what you came here for
You ain’t wanna f**k, what you spend the night for?
Bring a friend cause I kinda like her
Michael Jackson beat her cause I hit her with a glove
No GP, I don’t GP

(Verse 2)
Got a million dollar d**k and a list for you to sign
It’s offend on take, that’s a fine
Jumping out the dresser like Shawn Michaels
She want me to do it one more time for the Vine
Whole d**k in her, put it all in her spine
Said 10 got me thinking that that skinky bi**h fine
Now she drank a lil, pop it up, and keep calling my line
She bi**hes out the trenches popping, I put her in line
I just jam on em, I don’t f**k around, she ain’t mine
Ain’t no cuffing but the Ferragamo buckle match my mink skin Margielas
Longway and Bloody Jay, we kick it like the Goodfellas
Jam on em, what a d**, yeah, we plucking his feathers
Save my bi**h to make ya nut, kid, don’t I get the chowder
A lawyer always told me cheddar was better
She put the leave a bi**h and f*** whoever

(Verse 3)
Connected with hip is my papi, like pepper
Bi**h I don’t need you to chow through the cheddar
Fly with the fish, get the tuna together
Longway…cooling leather
These bi**hes ain’t s**t, get my b*tch from Belgium
Rizzle the blocko, serving tacos
Longway f**k all these bi**hes with it, Vado
Paint that bi**h face on her way, Picasso
Jam on em, touch down with a truck load, Longway bi**h

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 4)
Ni**as pissed off like Kirk, she P
Hit her, pain, ball head bullets
I told you I like that pu**y bald when I run into it
Brown, no St. Louis, trapping, that’s just one note from St. Louis
She a lunatic, begging me to take my mask off
Like the ni**a from The Lunatics, what is it with this bi**h?
Said she can’t slow down, drop a Actavis
Put my whole arm in it like Vix, trapping up and down

(Verse 5 – Slim Jimmy)
Pocket full of gold packs, I’m popping gold bottles
Only bussing these strippers and models like my forefathers
Freaky Cididi, bi**hes chew me up until they jaw broke
I just slam on em, turn around, Space Jam on em
Slim Jimmy, pimp Jimmy
Jam on em, and I took the motherf**king rim with me
Yellow wrist make a bi**h do a 360
Took her mama to the crib, made her walk different
Took her mama to the crib, made her talk different
I’m not cuffing, I’m not kissing
I’m not tricking, it’s not tricking
We not talking, it’s just business

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 6 Swae Lee)
You don’t have to play anymore
You knew what it was when you came through the door
I jam, did you come back from war?
You never be the same once your panties hit the floor
Yeah, you can bet I’m a son of a gun
Every day I gets paid to get laid
Couple hotels uptown in my name
Pray she wanna do something strange
Get it work, then I go, finna go with a bang
Hoes playing hard to get but my game too original
Got you f**king with a friend, now the girl looking pitiful

(Repeat Chorus)