Kodak Black – Everything 1K Lyrics

You know life ain’t tied with a bow but it’s still a gift though
Yeah life ain’t fair but it’s still good though
It’s a blessing just to be here
Everything 1K

I know you’re money hungry
Can’t wait cause you ain’t eat all day
And you gon lose your mind if you don’t get a plate
I understand the ups and the downs, street ni**as gon relate
It’s a struggle man, I’m with you all the way
This for all the soldiers fell victim to the system
Everyday that goes by they so close to losing faith
I got to thank god for everything
It’s a miracle how you’ll wake up and your dreams right in your face
Everything 1K

(Verse 1)
I woke up in the morning on a cold slab
How the hell I’m in a damn cell
I’m in jail taking cold baths
I went down the wrong path
Lil boy don’t go that way
You prolly won’t last
Before I had the fame I had the name
I earned my stripes like Adidas
Sliding base like I’m Derek Jeter
Growing up with no father, it’ll make you evil
How he gon learn to be a man when you ain’t never teach him?
Younging can’t even read but he toting the Desert Eagle
Look how she left, I bet she told you she won’t never leave you
The same ni**a was hating, I turned them to believers
I done made it through the rain and I ain’t called FEMA

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
I probably thank god cause without him who is me?
He unlocked my cell when they threw away the key
Jailbird, I was caged in, he came and set me free
I was just on the news, now I’m on MTV
Hurting cause your people ate and you ain’t get a piece
Now you’re taking from your people plate cause you just tryna eat
Grinding for a mil and I ain’t talking bout a combo
My mama need a crib, I been thinking bout a condo
You nothing when you down, it’s crazy how people treat you
Come around now, you can’t even hit the reefer
I pray for all my youngins who done took the same route
Brother from the same struggle, cut from the same cloth

(Repeat Chorus)