Ace Hood – 4th Quarter Lyrics

Going way, way up
Know it’s always us
Know in God we trust
Soon as I wake up
Count, count, count up
Only man that I trust
Paper’s full of that kush
Balling out of your budget

(Verse 1)
4th quarter, down 10
We just going for the win
Crossover, hit the fade
Not a stain on the Jays
Courtside on the wood
Water diamonds on me, flood
Look who made it out the hood
I just wish a ni**a would
Ni**as hate me from the bleachers
Ni**as preying on your weakness
I been rolling with the creatures
20 thousand for the feature
I’m just counting my blessings
Ride up, smoke on that pressure
F**k ni**as, freeze on
You ain’t allowed in my section
We ain’t the regular degular
You lil ni**as are amateurs
Swagger so dope, it’s embarrassing
Pull up and tell me the damages
Boy, I’m murder scene
I’m super clean like Listerine
And that Maybelline
I gotta cover
Nothing but net at the sound of the buzzer

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
4th quarter for the win
Kobe Bryant with the spin
Clint Porter’s on the rims
Dwayne Wade with the bands
Swaggy Dell with the sauce
Makaveli with the law
Hit the 40 like it’s mine
In case you reaching for the floss
Go ahead, big time
Taking care of my mama
Taking care of my daughter
And my son like his father
I’mma be totally honest
I’m covered in that new designer
I’mma be totally honest
But some of these ni**as vagina
Keep it 1000 forever
I promise, I promise, I promise
Your ni**as straight outta Broadward
Then we came to f**k up some commas
Ni**as will sleep, they in pyjamas
Wake up the beast, we got a problem
Jump in that water, you see them piranhas
He thinking he balling, I pull up beside him

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 3)
Boy you low class and a featherweight
Thank God for the better days
My chick thick as mayonnaise
Now we f**king up the Chevy game
Boy you better not miss the money train
I just treat it like it’s Hunger Games
They will never want it as bad as I
We are nothing like them other guys
I just win and shook a hater hand
Then I had to go and sanitise
Team strong, this the theme song
Got the rings on, ni**a celebrate
If I want it, she gon come to daddy
Never thinking twice or even hesitate
Kush make a ni**a levitate
Big rocks in that bezzle face
Dripped down in that Bathing Ape
Silence when I meditate

Yo, I’m right back in it
All your whips get ready
Only here cause they paying
Ain’t paying no attention

(Repeat Chorus)