Fetty Wap – Queen Of The Zoo Lyrics

Mhmmm baby
Yeah baby

You are so beautiful and I ain’t never seen nobody like you
And if I get that chance to put a ring on it, I’ma wife you
Have you screaming ohhhhh
You know how I do
Queen of the Zoo
Watch us when we rolling through
Yeah baby

(Verse 1)
Baby you hotter than Vegas, Vegas, Vegas
Tryna see if you staying, staying, staying
Not the one to play with, play with, play with
Baby why is you playing, playing, ayy
I’m tryna see you, tryna go boom, ayy, ayy
I’m tryna see if I could cum too, ayy, ayy
I got a couple spots that I could show you, ayy
I’m Zoovier baby, I done told you, ayy
Grind me up, grind me up all morning, ayy
From the first time that we met, she never left, I was on her
And the first time that I ever took her breath, she was moaning
Said the first time that I ever took her breath, she was moaning

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
You see me checking your vibe
I like how you working
I like your walk and your smile
I swear you so perfect
Girl you the key to my life
I hope you stay for a while
Plan on making you my wife, baby
Yeah, baby, ayy
Say the words, you know wassup, ayy
Got the keys to all my cars, baby
It was mine but now it’s ours, baby
Trip out to the stars, baby
I’ll take you to Mars

(Repeat Chorus)