Bounty Killer Says Vybz Kartel Is The Dancehall King, Talks Drake Controversy

Bounty Killer could be siding with a lot of dancehall fans who are also fans of Vybz Kartel on the hot topic that the incarcerated deejay is the King of the Dancehall.

Kartel is dropping a new album on June 10 titles King of the Dancehall. While some fans are agreeing that the title is fitting for the deejay, others sees it as a disrespect to other artists including Beenie Man, Yellow Man and other.

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Bounty sat down with Winford Williams of OnStage last week where he opened up about the topic.

“I don’t know what it means if he is saying that he is the King of Dancehall or he is just giving the album a title,” Bounty said. “I didn’t hear he said that he is the King of the Dancehall, he just give the title to an album. So the name of an album and the name of a person is different… But I know that it is provoking still but he didn’t say he is the king.”

Bounty Killer also noted that there are several kings in dancehall and Vybz Kartel is the king of this generation.

“There is not one king because you have the king of all kings,” Killer said. “But there are several kings. King comes down in different generation so I guess Kartel is trying to say that he is the king of this generation… He is the king of this generation and you can’t deny that.”

The dancehall legend also gave his piece of the issue of Drake crediting dancehall artists on his album.

“Drake did dancehall a huge favor to included four major dancehall artists on his album,” the dancehall icon said. “I’ve never seen any other international acts done that before.”

Watch the full video below.

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