BOONE ft. French Montana & E-40 – Pop A Perc (Remix) Lyrics

(Verse 1 – Boone)
Girl what’s up with that nana
Pop a perc then I go nana
Free my boys in the slammer
All my ni**as wild bandanas
F**k Donald Trump and the bad cop too
A ni**a rolled up I’mma show him what I do
357…got the Mac 11
Hit your a*s up ni**a see you in heaven
See my ni**as in the corner
Hit the dice game til 4 in the morning
Real ni**a s**t f**k all that slang
Free Bobby Shmurda and the whole damn gang

(Verse 2 – E-40)
My Boo straighted up like Whoopie
I got a damn bi**h like cookie
Imma skrill ni**a not a woosie
Your baby momma pu**y hella gooshie
Animal savagely with that action
They bout it they put your head on the chopping block, like a salad
If you get them past we woke and…might get dealt with
I get off weight get push major keys like DJ Khaled
Flood that oil I’m perking I’m off this vodka and cream
I reach my pocket pull out the water and slap a hoe with my bands
When I’m on one don’t f**k with me and I ain’t gon f**k with you
I put my foot in your a*s size 15 shoe
F**king around in the game I came from poverty man
I take flight like a plane and put the thump to your brain
I was making my change when Big Bird was a parent
Bugs Bunny had no teeth to eat a carrot

Pop a perc let it flow through my body
And let it flow through my body
Pop a perc let it flow through my body
My goddie, my goddie

Popping percs, doing dirt selling work
On perc, in the club no shirt
Run up on me, she look like the old
And your baby momma that’s my old work

(Verse 3 – French Montana)
And they call me Montana
You ain’t selling drugs ni**a you a scammer
I heard you gotta a month for a hammer
I heard you told on some ni**as from Atlanta
Shoutout my homie Max in the slammer
My young boy rob you on camera
Worldstar, big box with the banner
Imma shooter like Reggie, Indiana
You be smoking on that reggie with you
I can see the future like I’m pana
Walk around your girl crib in my pijamas
I heard her ni**a went broke, MC Hammer
In my far corner room I just stare at the wall
In the back of my mind I hear my conscious call
I need 10’s, I need 30’s, I need grams, I need birds
Perc after Percocet it ain’t never to early

(Repeat Chorus & Bridge)