Juicy J, Wiz Khalifa & TM88 – Medication Lyrics

Must be nice
Roll weed, ride fancy cars
And spend money how you wanna spend it you know

(Chorus – Juicy J)
Roll me up a 8th I need some inspiration
Pour me up a 8th I need some motivation
Only thing I hate bout drugs is the preparation
I ain’t got no patience with my medication
I ain’t got no patience with my medication
I ain’t got no patience with my medication
I ain’t got no patience with my medication
I ain’t got no patience with my medication

(Verse 1 – Juicy J)
I smoke everyday that’s that dedication
Never sober always high that’s that levitation
This s**t get me where I’m going that’s that transportation
Ni**as try to hold me back that’s that desperation
This s**t go straight to my head that’s that education
Ni**as asking all those questions that’s investigation
Wanna know my next move that’s that anticipation
Had to catch that bi**h off that’s that cancelation
I was smoking the day I got off probation
I stay rolling up extendos bruh that’s duplication
Got so much money in my pocket Imma cash station
Got so much loud in my blunt that’s a gas station

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2 – Wiz Khalifs)
Drinking on treys and smoking that weed but don’t blaze it
Roll up a joint and just face it
I just be going trough phases
Hit your bi**h all from the back while I’m pulling her braids
Ni**a we famous when I walk in the club
Ni**as throw the gang up
Get to this paper get her to the crib
Have relations never call her again
I just be balling my friend made my own way
Through the game cause I’m smarter than them
And I go harder than them
I knew I was great when I ain’t have a dollar to spend
There go that pothead again
Can’t go to the club with you less my whole squad getting in
Tattoos all over my body don’t f**k with security
Know all my real ni**as got me
We in the lobby, smoking that weed like I’m Marley
TM this beat is a problem, crazy to think you could stop us, and homie
We ain’t got no patients cause we ain’t no doctors
Used to have weed in my locker, now every bi**h you see on my team is a model
Drinking it straight out the bottle, going so hard I don’t think I’ll wake up tomorrow

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 3 – Juicy J)
I’m bout to smoke me some gas, I’m bout to roll me a zip
I’m bout to pour me some drank, nothing less than 2 5th’s
I’m bout to smack some ass, shawty gone get her a tip
I’m bout to go in my stash, I’m bout to make me some flips
Yup, roll me up some inspiration, pour me up some motivation
Roll me up some inspiration, pour me up some motivation
Cup full of syrup, no pancakes, welcome to my dab game
First 48, how high can you get, I’m in outer space
All I smoke is moon rocks, and equator cake
White girl thick like mayonnaise, trippy sticking with her a*s out
Dab until I pass out, gas mask dabs, Fire it up propane
Top shelf reserve, I don’t smoke no name
Who got the loud pack? Who got the plug on the strong?
Smoking them cookies, I need amber glass to get on
Who smoke blunts? who smoking them papers?
Light them bi**hes, f**k yo neighbors!