The Avalanches ft. MF DOOM & Danny Brown – Frankie Sinatra Lyrics

Alright guys right
Right over there to the left, where the peoples at
at the concert
Watch this s**t, it’s good
Original song

(Chorus 3X)
Ah Frankie Sinatra, ah Frank Sinatra
Frankie me boy don’t know
You have the perfect voice to sing calypso, what did they say?
Ah Frankie Sinatra, ah Frank Sinatra

(Verse 1 – Danny Brown)
Off this rocker
He’s off his rocker
Please Mr officer I only had some vodka
Little marijuana just a few Vicadin
Only reefer surfing out here where I’m driving
Where your registration, OG license
Because of that interior your bi**h wanna ride this
Plate red, d**k got low jack
White hoes calling and they asking where the dope at
What? Whatever
Modern day Sammy hit I wrote with that Sinatra
All for pasta, spray in her mouth like Binaca
Listening to salsa, rhythm of maracas
M.I.A. on the job sipping in Sri Lanka
I divide and conquer, rolling Willy Wonka
Baby momma wanna s**k the dong up at the concert
And they gets no pay like Frank Sinatra bi**h
I do this s**t my way like Frank Sinatra bi**h
Do this s**t my way

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2 – Danny Brown)
I’m so high, you’re so high
If I take another sip, then I just might die
Take another sip then I just might lie
Tell her what she wanna hear just to get between them thighs
Underground ni**a but on top of the world
Shucked the bi**h for oyster, now my tongue on the pearl
So f**k what you say, do this s**t my way
Like Frank Sinatra, bi**h, do this s**t my way

(Verse 3 – MF DOOM)
Tanks of vodka, sip slow rocka ock
Writ rhymes since the days with Frankie Crocker rock
From more stocky stock
Known for his illy right hook to make Rocky block
That’s no poppy cock pirate
We can keep it irie, or we can keep it irate
We keep it 100
From the hikes and all the lights
And Southern Comfort, muff it
Come with that headbanger boogie for that ass
Villain give a bully ten noogies for the cash
Or dash, dip slow on a marathon
Or maybe he gon sing Calypso like Farrakhan
Or Frank Sinatra mon

(Repeat Chorus)