Russ – DiMaggio Lyrics

(Verse – Russ)
Tours overseas
Couple million on the table
By the time I’m 24 I’ll be sellin out staples
I got big plans
Sing and rap
I can switch hands
Crossover killer
Labels know that I’m the hitman
Women all on me
Tryna give me sex favors
Take your clothes off you’re a starter not a bench player
Then I gotta go
I won’t say I’m heartless
But after dating hoes
I began to use my heartless
Had to pump the brakes
Cuz my drive got GPS
Sometimes I feel like the only real genius left
I’m tryna hit the blunt with snoop on GGN
Even my blind hoe say she wanna see me win
Even my ex girl got my old CD in
Rotation you gon wish you didn’t leave me when
I go and cop a little mazzi maybe cut the roof off
Cuz I’m all about the drop like EDM
I got my first arena show
I’m on the flight there now
I use to dream about the life that I’m livin right now
Makin money in abundance
Cuz I do so much for free
I don’t work for the money
I make the money work for me
But the family going through it
That’s a lotta my stress
Momma asking where’s my iTunes and Spotify checks
It’s funny cuz she use to ask when I was goin back to classes
Now I’m paying off her debts off of melodies and raps
It’s fun takin south beach trips every month
Spend a mortgage on my sister by the time we eat lunch
Just to let her know no matter what her big bro got her
No dudes can trick on her
No Harlem globetrotters
Entry into my circle is more selective than a Rhodes scholar
Ship is sailing already so don’t bother
But I do business
So if it makes sense
We can talk change
Just play your role and do it well just be like John Wayne
I’m tom hanks except I always remain captain
In Atlanta I don’t dance but I always remain snappin
Cash in quantity
In less than a year I dropped your favorite rappers entire discography
I did every single beat
I mixed every single song
Walked in as the opener
And turned it to sing a long
Rapping on my beats got it sounding like a gospel
I take my hotel rooms and turn em to a brothel
Women in rotation
Made it out the basement
Bank account lookin like a f**king donation
No amazement
I been patient
I’ve been cookin for so long I swear that I can taste it
This is laced with
Yung DiMaggio
My streak is impossible to break
Dropping hits everytime I’m at the plate
I might go away soon tho
Strategize the debut
Link with label
I see y’all playin I’m tryna play too

(Outro – Russ)
Yuh, just know
I know what I’m doing
Imma always call the shots