Scotty ATL – Stretch It Out [New Music]

Scotty ATL released his latest single “Stretch It Out,” produced by JAYELLE.

I got so much on my mind, I don’t wanna lose it
Hopped in my drop top, my ni**a I’m just cruising
I just smoke so much weed but I do not abuse it
If she give me that pu**y, my ni**a I’mma bruise it
Scotty Spielberg, live my life like a movie
Bi**h wanna do me in the back in the jacuzzi
Told you later on, I got too much going on
Gotta hit the studio, hit that head and I was gone
I spit on a booty hoe, what the f**k you thought I’m doing?

Scotty ATL – Stretch It Out Lyrics

Listen track below.