Scotty ATL – Stretch It Out Lyrics

(Verse 1)
I got so much on my mind, I don’t wanna lose it
Hopped in my drop top, my ni**a I’m just cruising
I just smoke so much weed but I do not abuse it
If she give me that pu**y, my ni**a I’mma bruise it
Scotty Spielberg, live my life like a movie
Bi**h wanna do me in the back in the jacuzzi
Told you later on, I got too much going on
Gotta hit the studio, hit that head and I was gone
I spit on a booty hoe, what the f**k you thought I’m doing?
Always bout my paper, all these fake ni**as on rolling
I be out in LA like I’m a f**king Bruin
Scotty go in, my ni**as shh that’s a shoe in
UPS nasty but all my ni**as moving
What you talking bout, there’s the f**king pie
Rip it on the story, the work on it
F**k a lazy bi**h, we be turned on by a working bi**h
I get dolly bi**h, if you on the stage then twerk it bi**h

(Pre Chorus)
Trying yeah before I starting, they gon feel it
I pull out with the paper tag for the dealing
Yeah getting topped with the top off with high ceilings
Wanna turn me on baby girl, bring a milly

Stretch it out, stretch it out
Stretch it out, stretch it out
Let the paper go real long man
Stretch it out, stretch it out
Stretch it out

(Verse 2)
We got the key to the city
What if I pull up in the Benz like yeah
I’mma the trillest ni**a in this s**t
What the f**k uh
These ni**as so lame
I see em all the time like tryna dab me up
I’m like nah ni**a, Nile long
Too trill man
Yeah back on the beat, back on my feet
They had my bag to the streets, now they come all back to me
I was the one with the vision, I was the one with the plan
This s**t, they don’t understand
Did what I can, what you, a man?
You gotta stand on your own
I just handle no longs
I did not give her no favours
Shout out to east side, they caged us
This is not time for vacation
Sorry, I been so impatient
But I got one shot, they missing theirs
You in the way, better get out
They f**k around with the bulls**t
They tryna get it, we talking bout it

(Repeat Pre Chorus & Chorus)