Birdman & Jacquees Featuring DeJ Loaf – 007 Lyrics

(Intro – Jacquees)
Lost at sea ni**a
Can’t see nothing but the water

(Chorus – Jacquees)
Ay we ain’t playing bout this side
You owe me money, better hide
Too many ni**as, they done tried
Too many ni**as, they done died
I took the pistol and I ride
Got pretty bi**hes getting high
007, I’m golden
And I brought my set to the Nolia

(Verse 1 – Jacquees)
Ni**a know what I’m doing
Bad hoes I’m pursuing
Bi**h I might sit like a Bruin
Bi**h we icy, f**k a Bruin
Hit that pu**y from the back
I’m Chipper Jones with a bat
Ran off on the plug
And we ain’t ever coming back
See me and Tunechi got a stack
See me and Stunner got a stack
See being broke is like an ex
And I ain’t never going back
My jewelry shine like a plaque
You tuck your chain, you a bi**h
Load the chopper, yelling free the Woper
Know we Gucci cause I’m from the six

(Bridge – Jacquees)
Notice how I hustle the whole play
They been tryna block us all day
We ain’t finna let em stop us
So I’m still on the block with my cousins

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2 – DeJ Loaf)
I said woah woah, yeah yeah
Chopper gon hit you from both sides
Ni**as be thinking s**t sweet til we pop up
Kids close your eyes
Make sure before you come for me
Bi**h close your thighs
Hoes can’t control theyselves
It’s a must they die
You don’t even want to know what’s in the trunk
That ain’t the trunk, bi**h that’s the trunk
I been the s**t since I was on sippy cups
You ain’t got balls, pull your zipper up
That’s a hundred right there, cool fifty tucked
Try to touch anything, we go cocoa puffs
Yeah, crack your coconut

(Repeat Bridge & Chorus)