Belly – Ballerina Lyrics

She mix the red and white wine like the Catalina, She do it
You call her a stripper, that’s my ballerina, Oh God
See that’s your stage but it’s my arena, She mine
That’s not a stripper, that’s my ballerina, Hold up
Let me see you dance for me, dance, dance, dance
Do a handstand for me, dance, dance, dance, She do it
Baby can you pop it for me? Dance, dance, dance
Let me see you drop it for me, dance, dance, dance
Drop it, drop it, drop it

(Verse 1)
Oh I’m taking heavy, bring that big scare
I’d say don’t ride my wave but that ship sailed, riding
Now my dogs still riding with that fish scale
Growing fishtails like you really miss jail
Got that sauce, got that marinara, sauce
Talking hoes, I’ve had my fair share of, hoes
She pulled up on me in that Panamera, yo
Thick white b*tch look like Aguilera

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Oh you playing but I got the cheat code
Shallow bi**hes always got the deep quotes
The block is hot but the streets cold
Shoes designer but she got a cheap soul, oh
I drop the top on that Maranello
Big suitcases like we play the cello
Sleeping on me, get a bigger pillow
Live fast, die young just like Barrichelloe

(Repeat Chorus)

Dance, dance, dance, Do it
Dance, dance, dance, Yeah
She just want the Rosé , she don’t want your roses
Watch the…split the water like it’s Moses
She just wanna pull up in the Benz and sit in Rollses
She don’t never pay attention to the vultures

(Repeat Chorus)

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