Meek Mill – All The Way Up (Remix) Featuring Fabolous Lyrics

(Verse 1 – Meek Mill)
Catch you out in traffic, it’s you and I
Go 41 in a suit and tie, ni**a it’s do or die
Seen it now, if I lose it all like who arrived?
But ni**a I’m so up, if I tripped it’s like suicide
When the internet told me I’m crucified
They were in the streets like, ni**a you super live
I was on the block when you was a sneakerhead
Ni**a it’s a check up in that box, ain’t no shoe inside
Ni**a ain’t no Nike, ain’t no Yeezy, no Jordan V
I came back like I’m Mike wearing 45
Ever seen 50 grand when it’s all in 5s?
But I’m shooting like the Warriorsg startin’ 5, swish!
Only rapper went gold without a verse from Hov
Still got the rock with me, cooking up at the stove
And the Rollie all platinum, know I busted a joke
Maybach in the hood, so them s*ckers can know
I’m in the 6, man, 6 man, Dion Waiters
And I’m on my level now, I’m so beyond haters
Bout to go and grab the Benz truck, see y’all later
When I came through the block, you should’ve seen y’all faces
This is slaughter, new world order
I be going hard, Westbrook, 4th quarter
This is hip-hop, you ain’t write it, don’t record it
I don’t know how they getting down cross the border
I give em the dirty flow, Michigan and water
Sent them 10 thousand cases, I put in my order
Call that popping bottles when my people can’t afford it
Mixing Dusse with lemonade when I’m in Georgia
Views from the projects, ni**a I’m the prospect
Talking loud, say I’m shooting out with metal objects
And that chick standing right beside you, I done popped that
Made me beat a fan up, I’m feeling like I’m Artest, woo!
Gold mic from the billboards, bout to put it up
Tell Cruz put it in the booth so I can f**k it up
Got the hood super lit, jumping like it’s double dutch
From the bottom like an uppercut, now I’m all the way up
I’m all the way up
You ni**as all the way f**ked
Switched sides, now you stuck
F**k them ni**as though

(Verse 2 – Fabolous)
They don’t wanna see you on top
I just wanna see the streets up
They don’t wanna see you up
That’s it
They gon take shots when you all the way up
I guess they gotta aim up at you
But don’t you let these nobodies get their name up on you
Keep the circle tight, never let em lame up the crew
If she f**ked everybody, don’t you let her claim up on you
Now listen, you gave up on me, I came up on you
Took my talents somewhere else, LeBron James up on you
I was Kyrie with the rock, the crack game number 2
Now I’m older, still balling like my name Uncle Drew
They tell you… stay the same, but they change up on you
Ni**as change up the crew like hoes change up their boo
I just played the cards they dealt me til a change up was due
Guess I had to switch the dealer or just change up the shoe
Now blackjack, Ace of Spade and a shot of Jack
I met a bad actress, she ain’t know how to act
I took her but I brought her back
Don’t want her back, I bought her bag
Matte like Hasselbeck, I call my car a quarterback
If I threw it at her would you doubt she could catch?
She hang like a chain so she bout to get snatched
Ain’t about throwing subs, I’m about getting scratches
But if the shoe fits, ni**a, buy an outfit to match it
And you know my boys hold it, we be out with the ratchets
I heard your boys told her you be out with the rats
Level up, level up, it’s all about that level up
Hold that f**king bezel up and light this bi**h all the way up