Kodak Black – Jewels (Whole Time) Lyrics

Ay it’s Lil Kodak
Y’all already know that
Young ni**a man
For all my young ni**as man
I gotta drop twos on y’all, y’all gotta know that man
These ni**as ain’t really f**king with you out here dog
These bi**hes ain’t really f**king with you out here dog
S**t crazy

You think these b*tches grabbing on you, but they ain’t
Lowkey they just be grabbing on your cash
You thinking they be laughing with you, but they ain’t
The whole time they be laughing at your ass
The whole time they was laughing at your boy
Damnit, what done happened to your boy?
The same one who ain’t trapping with your boy
The same one put the rachet on your boy

(Verse 1)
World so cold, go put a jacket on lil boy
You better be bout that action out here boy
I heard you just be flagging out here boy
They say that lil s**t you be packing just a toy
I pull up, hop out, Aston with two doors
Why you don’t drive the Jaguar anymore?
You sitting round, thinking they laughing with you boy
This whole time they be cracking on you
Getting cheese, ni**a trapping with you boy
He the same one go to ratting on you
Damnit, what done happened to the man?
Oh I heard he got locked up back again

(Repeat Chorus)