Fat Joe and Remy Ma ft. Infa-Red, Jay Z & French Montana – All The Way Up (Remix) Lyrics

(Intro – Jay-Z)
Cool and Dre
This is, this is
A mix for a city let’s just start snapping
Crack hit Bleek on the jack like let’s make it happen
Oh it’s me

(Chorus – Infared & Jay-Z)
Nothing can stop me, I’m all the way up
It’s me, it’s me
All the way up
It’s me, it’s me
I’m all the way up
I’m all the way up
Nothing can stop me, I’m all the way up

(Bridge – French Montana)
Shorty what you want? Shorty what you need?
My ni**as run the game, we ain’t ever leaving
Counting up this money, we ain’t never sleeping
You got V12, I got 12 V’s
Got bottles, got weed, got molly
I’m all the way up
Shorty what you want? I got what you need
Shorty what you want? I got what you need
Shorty what you want? I got what you need

(Chorus – Infared)
I’m all the way up
I’m all the way up
I’m all the way up
All the way up
Nothing can stop me, I’m all the way up
Turn me all the way up

(Verse 1 – Jay Z)
You know you made it when the fact
Your marriage made it is worth millions
Lemonade is a popular drink and it still is
Survival of the littest
Ni**as who really up versus ni**a up in your business
I’m in the room where real ni**as not allowed
I’m the only one in the room that they fear right now
I think they’re clear right now
Let’s celebrate, no red champagne, we don’t play that
All we see is gold bottles and paper plane hats
Twenty one Grammy’s that I use for D’usse cups
I’m on the penthouse floor, call your way up
The OG’s say, HOV, how high is high enough?
I said till we eye and eye with the higher ups
Until we let em know, we ain’t those ni**as
Until our baby’s showered in gold ni**a
Blue looking like Pac in the tub
David LaChapelle levels of not giving a f**k
Prince left his masters where they safe and sound
We never gonna let the elevator take him down

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2 – Fat Joe)
This wasn’t me this was God’s doing
And this time I won’t finger roll, Pat Ewing
They ain’t wanna see the Squad and the Roc
Now they chasing the Wraith like mister Softy’s on the block
Stars on the roof got her feeling like Venus
Getting so much brain, now I’m a Don CartaGenius
Ever since Pun been gone been independent
So I went and threw the Pun Jumpman up in the pendant
I flooded out all the crises
Out in Paris I learned what real ice is
I’m kicking flavor in your ear
I just had a gray on my face and it disappeared
I just dropped the biggest of checks, and the sh*t cleared
When everybody counted us out just this year
Uh, I’m Steph Curry in the clutch
Take a shot of this Royal Elite and go all the way up

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 3 – Remy Ma)
My swag, my flow, I stole it back
They mad, too bad, my shows is packed
My town, my crown, I really rap
I’m home, my throne, I spoil you that
When the bi**h was gone, they was really playing with it
I was sitting listening, like, they ain’t even saying s**t
Now the real is back, I see they all tryna change and s**t
But it’s really too late now, I’m going back yo
One of these bi**hes, two of these bi**hes gotta die
Three of these bi**hes, four of these bi**hes gonna cry
Five of these bi**hes popping pills, they high
Six bird bi**hes, none of them get fly
See, I don’t wanna hear about your records and big numbers
Cause I was up top seven winters and six summers, cuffed
All in that bus, locked me all the way down
Now I’m all the way up

(Repeat Chorus & Bridge)