Trey Songz – SKRT2 Lyrics

Girl I f**ks with you, girl I f**ks with you
Girl you know I f**ks with you, you know I f**ks with you
I thought I told your crazy a*s it wouldn’t work
I tap that a*s and then I skrt, skrt, skrt, skrt, skrt
What is up with you? F**k is up with you?
Yeah we smoking, f**ked up, that’s cool
But it’ll never ever work, you know I told you that
If that’s a problem, I’mma skrt, skrt, skrt, skrt, skrt
Skrt, skrt, skrt, skrt, skrt
Skrt, skrt, skrt, skrt, skrt
Skrt, skrt

(Verse 1)
If she talking bout the sex then you probably hear my name
We just f**king, you don’t love me, don’t you call me, not your man
They want 100s, I want thou, but the car 300k
I’m just thugging, f**king round, but the album on the way
God damn, you just want some love, you just want a ring
But you never love a scrub cause you want the finer things
Talk loud, f**ked up, I’m the ni**a of your dreams
Oh sheesh, damn sheesh, you could be somebody queen
You a star, yeah you are, but we into different scenes
I like gin, you like wine, damn them loafers and them jeans
Oh gosh, I gosh cause you know you still my baby girl
Girl stop, girl stop, we could talk about this later
God damn, tryna change on me is what you ain’t gon be
You been rolling from the jump like you was a novelty
Girl I pull up to your crib cause that pu**y came for me
Don’t try putting no claims on me, girl just that thing on girl, s**t I’m on my way

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
I did a show, I’mma go with no shirt
After the show and for sure, make her squirt
No 9 to 5 but I sure go to work
F*** to the floor, gon make it hurt
I hit the gas with my foot on the brake
I hit the gas and I blow it away
I hit that a*s and I sent her away
She just so happy I hit her today
Just got some money, I’m finna get paid
Just got some pu***, I’m finna get laid
F**k is you talking, I been so VA
F**k is you talking like you been in VA
Watch what you say, boy you don’t wanna play
Capture your life like we in a photo
I go so crazy, mix it with the vodka
And I got the stain with the shrimp and the lobster
She wanna f**k me but she want some money
She should know that she ain’t getting none from me