Young Lito ft. Troy Ave – I Love This Game Lyrics

(Chorus – Young Lito)
Money ain’t the ish baby, you already know that
Just a young player, you can find me where the door at
Streets keep calling sell my soul
So I’m bout to play with mane, I just don’t know
And it’s on yeah
Whatever you want I can pop right now
It’s on yeah
If ni**a try front, a ni**a don’t die right now

(Verse 1 – Troy Ave)
Young fly ni**a, foreign car whipping
She hit it, the girl you love, I probably dissed it
Balling, I should be on ESPN
Instead I’m in the suite with a lesbian
I let her homies with me and money, best of friends
Got racks in any jeans that you catch me in
Plus I still got the grip on me, I don’t slip homie
Take your life, leave your kids and your bi**h lonely
On my job, putting it on for the squad
Used to be selling hard, now making hits like the mob
Whatever you want, baby girl it ain’t a problem
You see a ni**a living large, Lito

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2 – Troy Ave)
VIP full of Rose, I got the best hoes
I used to buy my chicks chains with the XOs
Now I’m pushing whips you see at the expose
Haters talk slick til they get exposed
I’m a young, lit ni**a, call me killa yeah
Froze me with the gear, ice, no frigid there
Neck blinging, ni**as scared, got bullets they could share
Get hoes by the pair, Young Lito ni**a yeah

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 3 – Young Lito)
I’m in Arizona with my Spanish bi**h I’m boning
F**king with some other birds on my dirty for me
Multitask, I get multi-cash
Me and her, we smoking blunts, burning multi-gas
240 on my latest, I got multi-dash
Boys that floss and they oh so fast
Getting back in em, I got bow tie swag
But I’m on it, suit it, boot it, put them ni**as in the glass

(Repeat Chorus)

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