Hardo ft. Meek Mill – Love Foreal Lyrics

I just wanna ask one question
Do all the fame money and b*tches
Was the love real?
Was you real?

(Verse – Meek Mill)
And we was taught to hate our own kind
And you can hate on me homie, you picked the wrong time
Cuz it’s a long line and lately I’ve been all grind
And if nobody wanna work, Ima do it all fine
But when that money all mine, I know they gon cross sides
Cuz ni**as they be jumping fast, I just call it offsides
With all eyes and all odds against me
Ima chase my dreams and I won’t let my pride convince me
And throw it all away cuz I was tryna be to friendly
And be loyal to ni**as that never did nothing for me
Or gave to me through this pain or this rain that I walked through
And I remain still the same but it’s my fault too
Cuz I showed nias the light when it was dark too
Which meaning I let em skip the beginning and I start new
Just like I did
And they said if you ain’t earn you gon probably burn it
And I seen ni**as take the money over higher learning
And you can’t teach nobody nothing they ain’t tryna learn it
If it was bout f**king bi**hes, rolling up tryna burn it
We could’ve did that in the trap and it been all that
Since ni**as love the hood so much, I let em fall back
I used to book the jet and yell out where my dawgs at?
But since nobody want the money I take all that

(Verse – Hardo)
Tryna rise above poverty that’s why I’m trapping
If I don’t make it out the hood, I know it’s gon happen
Keep that Desert Eagle they might try me cuz I’m rapping
And I ain’t talking about no Pringles all these chips a ni**a stacking
Same stepping stones to make it out I’m throwing at the jail
You really gotta focus if you hoping to prevail
Cutting love ones off to get it, Goddamn it never fails
Tryna ride a ni**a wave, man, that s**t don’t never sail
When I’m only just relating on the s**t I really seen
This ain’t entertainment, man, I’m really who I seem
Dark cloud around my city, I’m the winner rearrange
So I’m always brainstorming, I just hope it never rains
Man they wonder why I whip a foreign and rock a gold chain
My folks was getting whipped and they was shackled down in chains
And I bet I bring that Bentley down on Martin Luther King
While these ni**as chasing bi**hes, man, I’m out here chasing dreams
And I only f**k with ni**as, man, that’s really gon strive
And the day I pass, they keep my legacy alive
Used to drop it in pot and I watch it multiply
Used to give us smokers wake ups, just to watch em come alive
Man I started in the projects 20 bucks a tenet
So rent was damn near free and dawg we still ain’t have it sent in
Now if that ain’t the bottom, at the top I finish
Trap illustrated, ni**a, this is the beginning