Casey Veggies ft. Tory Lanez – Can’t Get Enough Lyrics

(Intro – Casey Veggies)
Yeah, Young Veggies aw man, yeah

(Verse 1 – Casey Veggies)
What’s your name girl? Where you from?
I just want you to dance girl, this your song
Who made your pants girl, I like the cut
I got my own brand girl, I look at that type of stuff
What type of things are you into, tell me what’s your zodiac
Do it like all your tires flat, put it in neutral push from the back
Might be
Start going hard, turn it up a notch
I met one side of her then at night time she showed me someone else
I can’t get enough of that, girl rewind and run it back
I need a chick that’s bout a hundred stacks
I’m swagged up, I’m a heart attack
Young Veggies I’m good for that
Girl didn’t your momma tell ya
Real recognize real, that’s why I’m looking so familiar
It’s Peas N Carrots fresh and frozen, put you onto something new
I been working super hard like five years trapped up in the booth
Pulling up on in an Audi Coop, I just caught that alley oop
Ain’t no telling what I might do
Girl bring your friends when I invite you

(Chorus – Tory Lanez)
Singing the
And I want it all, I want it all
I can’t get enough
I can’t get enough
I can’t get enough
Just can’t get enough
Can’t get enough

(Verse 2 – Casey Veggies)
It’s like when I ride
Young Veggies getting known, got winners on the squad
I be doing my stuff, can’t get enough
Got a girl run track, know she got a nice butt
Hitting weights I’m buff, youngest ni**a in the club
Pull up in a truck, she was tryna see what’s up
She be falling in love like a chick in a Benz
Everything that I spend get it back when I win
Can’t get enough, can’t get enough
Can’t get enough, can’t get enough
Got that
I think it’s nuts
Bout that life
And she’s rolling with us

(Repeat Chorus)