Sizzla – Pressure We Bare Lyrics

Pressure we bare
Oh Jah nobody care
This a gwaan here through year
Poor people bwalling
Hear the people bwalling

Only meck the youths get rude
When dem cyaa get no food
Hear the people bwalling
Hear the people bwalling

(Verse 1)
School in the morning haffi reach deh quick
School bus reach late cause the road waan fix
Youths dem willing to learn Jah know naw lie
But mi tell you seh the school fee too high

Hey school renovation start it soon
Nough school bout yah waan some good
Jamaica no problem, everything fi nice
But dem raise up the tax wi cyaa pay the price

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
People work hard just fi choose dem house
foreclosure bankruptcy and dem lose dem house
Hey people work hard just fi feed dem pickney
Then you hear seh police kill dem pickney

Dem never did a listen to the youths
But every likkle thing dem waan prison the youths
9 to 5 everyday
When a time fi get mi money cyaa get the pay

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 3)
Hey, poor people a suffer suh hard
After dem a work from suh hard
Dem nuh waan hear a thing
Cause dem nuh waan swear a thing

Dem nuh waan the youths dem fi rise
A stop wi from open up wi eyes
More schools and hospitals
Mi nuh waan not a prison wi nuh criminals

(Repeat Chorus)