Gully Bop Slaps Girlfriend A’Mari In Her Face During Epic Fight

Gully Bop and his girlfriend/fiance A’Mari seems to be heading for a breakup.

A’Mari has been busy posting videos on her Facebook page all day today dragging the viral dancehall deejay. In one of the videos Gully Bop seems to have enough and slapped her in her face. He tried to played it off but it seems like she was very serious.

Gully Bop Girlfriend And Side Chick Fighting Over Deejay

“Back to the boring life because the man don’t take off him cloth from yesterday,” she said before telling her fans about her life living with the Bop.

Gully Bop and A’Mari have been dating for a few months now following her split from Shauna Chin. The two are rumored to be planning a wedding for this summer, but we highly doubt that will ever happen.

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