Ryme Minister – Badmind People Lyrics

(Verse 1)
I was born by the riverside
Suh mi keep running like a river Nile
A bay blood a run out deh
Ghetto youth you nuh si dem a ignore it
Keep your eyes on the bigger prize
Life worth more than sacrifice
Seet clear and mi realize
Dem a hide the true story

But mi keep going on, going on
Cause a far man a come from
Mi believe in a fake
Am holding on

A suh badmind stay
Dem corrupt
Mi know a suh badmind stay
Dem wi si you wid yo things and waan tek it away
One psalms a day keep the devil away

Mi nuh stray
A suh badmind stay
Dem f**ked mi know
A suh badmind stay
A nuh just town and country
The same bomboclaat thing a gwaan a Mobay

(Verse 2)
Mi a give thanks fi mi success
Pagans naw go live fi si mi dissolve like a comchecks
Hey Doff, a weh dem pu**y deh did deh?
When man sit down and a buss chest
F**king razor mi sharper than a cutlass
Caw man nuh worthless
Mi work fi wa mi waan dem stand up and watch mana buss sweat
And grudge mi fi mi things
God know mi must vex
But the first man step a get puncher
Caw mi never left the nine like a number
Dem sit down a watch-watch man things
Tell dem fi come fa

(Repeat Chorus)