RJ – Double Standards Lyrics

(Verse 1)
Bring this OMMIO in your front yard
10 Summers like a
Oh he official he a dope boy

When they found me I was RJ
Yeah it’s Mister L.A
Or it’s Mister Motherf**king

F**k you mean? Humble bi**h a man can’t judge me
I’m known to make a bi**h a trustee if she’s lucky
Trust me ni**a

I don’t love your bi**h she don’t love me neither
We just f**k we don’t kiss, we get amnesia
I look my girl in her eyes, tell het I’m a cheater
If you f**k another ni**a I’mma have to leave

(Verse 2)
I became a god to a nonbeliever
Talk to God but I’m not your preacher
Did my time with some
Don’t judge the crowd got your own
I got stripes like I own Adidas
50 thousand in deposit…visa
F**k up the closet find a spot for Designer sneakers
Catch a body, double back like Jesus
Give you the whole magazine like Khadijah
Then get amnesia
F**k the realest bi**h and then get amnesia
I might need that but I don’t need ya
And I won’t feed ya
She just eating d**k without the breather
Eating big, your appetite is a teaser
Trust me, ni**a

(Repeat Chorus)

I’mma have to leave
Oh man, don’t do it
Oh man, I don’t wanna have to leave
I don’t wanna have to leave you
Uh, I need you
Yeah, Oh no
Oh man