The Game ft. Boogie & Problem – Roped Off Lyrics

(Chorus – The Game)
Compton boulevard, Wilmington
Rosecrans, Central
Don’t get this motherf**ker roped off
Don’t get this motherf**ker roped off

Compton boulevard, Wilmington
Rosecrans, Central
Y’all gon get this motherf**ker roped off
Y’all gon get this motherf**ker roped off

(Verse 1 – The Game)
Posted on Brazil and Wilmington
Red flag, red khakis, red Pendleton
Cold steel got em trembling
Stomp a ni**a out, In what? In my Timberlands
Red dot on your head, ni**
Either you work at 7/11 or you dead, ni**a
Your auntie stay around here but you don’t
Your cousins might make it out the hood, but ni**a you won’t
Fresh out the barber shop, RIP to G man
West Side Bompton, my city’s been on C-SPAN
My hood’s been on CNN, my hood’s been on watch
My city’s in the middle of Long Beach and Watts
I’m at the Tam’s Burgers, eating fries
Now how many ni**as done died eating number 5?
Been shot a couple times, but I’m alive
Hub City hustler, I’ll show you how to survive, ni**a

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2 – Problem)
Wear Chucks, don’t gang bang, I f**k baddies
I’ll show you how to stuff 100 P’s in turkey baggies
Rubber gloves, dark spray, no khakis
Riding steel, flabby
L’s come bro I’m relapsing to the old days
In and out of….middle man and the cocaine
Finger on the trigger cause n**as ain’t trynna fight
And bi**hes ain’t s**t, so ni**as ain’t trynna wife nothing
Who needs love? Million dollar weed plugs
Heart cold as Sunset, RIP to Key Club
Hoes never ease up, D2B
Ni**a thought he was a foolie til he seen me!
West Side baby, ain’t tripping off nothing
Going out a winner like Peyton
Still 100, like Daytons, gold or the chrome
Same ’til a ni**a gone like Martin and Jerome

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 3 – Boogie
Aye man, just tell God come and lift me
Come and talk to the devil, man this ni**a stay busy
Don’t ever get it twisted, just cause we don’t wear D**kies
You ain’t heard of Mausberg, you know you ain’t from the city
Man, I was born in this problem
We thought we knew the answer way before we seen options
Do you know the feeling to have ni**as out watching
With your kid out shopping, you gon still yell Bompton?
Man, I done lost hope
Hope you a Thug to the Bone when we Cross Roads
Too many RIP shirts around your turf, wait
We trying to figure why ya’ll got….in the first place
Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, Know my nias on the wait
Wait, wait, wait. Know somebody gonna pay
Gonna hit, man I just left the
We don’t recognize your car, you ain’t coming in the gate
On West Side Bompton

(Repeat Chorus)