Chief Keef – Check It Out Lyrics

You got some money for me? Check it out
I’m icy, know I had to bring the necklace out
I saw a bi**h, I told that bi**h to check it out
I hop up out the car, she wanna check me out
I’m in your city for a day, bi**h, check it out
Too late, bi**h, I’m already checking out
The cops pull up on me, they like check it out
Like my s**t was tucked and I ain’t have the weapon out

(Verse 1)
Hit the dealership like check it out, my doors creep me out
Told my Glock 40, aye check it out, these hoes creep me out
These ni**as eat these hoes out, aye these hoes eat me out
These bi**hes be geeking everytime they ass see me out
Wanna smoke, check it out
Checking in, checking out
Check it out, my whip sound like he just wen’t to now
He said vroom, sound like he was snoring, had to check it out
Check in at the doctor, get prescripted then I’m checking out

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Hit the doctor for a check up then I’m checking out
Why you steady looking at me? bi**h, check it out
She step outside the box then I check her out
Like a half way house, I’m checking in, checking out
I’m checking my car for bugs, checking my car for dubs
I’m checking my car for change, just to give to the club
Folk nem check the spot now we gone come through, line em up
Check em in the torture house, drown his ass, tie him up
I check my money, better be right when I count it up
I go to sleep, what the f**k I see, Cap and Blood
Folk nem said they had to check and make sure that I’m acting up
Hit the concrete, hopping out the swan doors
I got a package coming in and I was checking the time for it
These Louie shades, lil mama, these ain’t no Tom Ford’s
The bi**h was checking me out, so I walked out the door
I was checking for racks, for cheese, for green, for lawn mowers
Go and get some Maison Margiela, no need to see the concords
I’m checking for cappers, for boolers, the shooters, the 9 blowers
I’m checking on folks, they cooling, they booling with 9 whores
I’m smoking on dope, I’m cooling, I be smoking that mind blower
Come through, I’m checking, I’m chasing, yeah I’m checking for my boys
I ain’t checking for hoes, I get my box and check up boy
I ain’t checking for you, you sitting on yo ass, get up boy
Sacks and build direct, Margelias and marble floors

(Repeat Chorus)