Berner – ft. Hollywood & Wiz Khalifa – Gunplay (Remix) Lyrics

(Chorus – Hollywood)
Richmond ni**as bout gunplay
Better make your bi**h pay, pay, pay, pay, pay
I’m high, I’ll come down one day
Count money, Monday to Monday
How you really doing fake s**t
How you a player, got one bi**h?
No bodies, but you kill s**t?
This real verse, fake s**t

(Verse 1 – Hollywood)
I’mma start off on a good note
Rolling good weed on a big boat
Counting blue ships, all C-notes
And crispy head cash in my Avirex coat
Talking outside, been there since Phat Farm
Big s**t, letting off car alarms
Bar lovely with chain with the gun charm
And he even cut me loose in the lazar
If I got it then I paid for it
Name solid, did my thang for it
Had your lil bi**h, you ain’t even know it
Had an extra hammer, let my cousin hold it, get em, let’s go

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2 – Berner)
Play around get your face cut
It’s real out here, we don’t play much
How you out side with your chain tucked?
Holly outside with the thang tucked
Real game, mhmm
Yeah I’m bout big cash
Bern pulled up with the big bag
Where the city where the Rich at
I got Rich and the O with G stack
Yeah we have dark with the blue cook
I feel like Celly, I’m too took
Damn, I got mud on my new three’s
Break one down get a two piece, real city boy

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 3 – Wiz Khalifa)
I did it all on my own, your bi**h calling my phone
I get all of the dome and your squad is unknown
Went and got it alone plus I gotta get stoned
Bought a pound and a lot of it’s gone
Always on point, never out of my zone
And if I ain’t f**k her, never got her alone
I’m in and out of cars, got a lot of new homes
On the real, I’mma let it be known
Big spart ni**as bout gunplay
Got a model bi**h walking down the runway
How you a stoner and you only rolled one J?
How you a boss, still gotta do what somebody else say? Gang, gang, gang

(Repeat Chorus)

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