Tory Lanez – Unforgetful Lyrics

(Verse 1)
Shawty you ain’t gotta lie to me
You got a ni**a on the side don’t you
You can open up your mind to me
You can open up them thighs to me
But it seems that you fall that way
Always seems to fall that way
Cuz this s**t was so hard that way
You still my bi**h even when i dont call you that name
12k jet life for that plane bape sweats on like 4-5 days
2 shows and i got more to my day
Now you need me what more can i say
To you, cuz i, got s**t on my mind
And im all down for taking time
But im not gon let you think that

I got unforgetful, I got unforgetful
I got unforgetful, I got unforgetful
I never got to tell you
Things i forgot to tell you
I’m not forgetful, I’m not forgetful
I remember the first days
And the worse days and the first days
I remember the first days
And the worse days and the worse case
The only thing i can’t remember is how i got right here in the first place
I remember..uh wait..I remember
Don’t think that i got un-forget-ful

(Verse 2)
Better have time for me
Better next time that i see you
I’m have something much better than line for you
Or a rhyme for you
Keep on putting you on in all of my songs
Til you get around to me
Girl you been down and you stayed around
Its time i put this s**t down on you
Lets meet then baby
Girl im really busy on the weekday
Shawty be my weekend, lady
Kill the pu**y like a horror film
Thats what you call freaking baby
Got some new songs but i heard you like f**king to the weeknd
And we can get to freaking on in my new mof**king wraith
And you heard got the stars in the roof though
2 tone went and got that s**t two door
Asking what the f**k ima need a new hoe for
When she got the pu**y pinker than some nuvo
Like to tell me they love and yea i might listen
But them hoes ain’t worth the time
I be so focused on you, and you know that its true
And you came at the perfect time sorry if

(Repeat Chorus)