Beenie Man Gets Blast From Fans For Saying He Brought Dancehall To The World

Beenie Man is getting some bashing on social media from dancehall fans over his recent statement.

During his interview with Billboard about his collaboration with Drake on “Controlla,” Beenie says that he is the King of Dancehall and that he brought the genre to the world.

Beenie Man Responds To Critics Of Drake ‘Controlla’ Sample

“I introduce the world to what dancehall is ’cause I’m the king of it, and I have to work to keep it up,” Beenie Man told Billboard. “Jamaica needs trendsetters. They make a trend so the next artist can follow that trend. I stand for dancehall 100 percent and I’m still working and making music for a new album, Unstoppable. I’ve been working on it for nine years now.”

That statement has not been sitting well some dancehall fans who are saying that the Doc is disrespecting those who came before him like Shabba Ranks, Ninjaman, Super Cat and Yellow Man.

“Beenie you lost me on that one because dancehall and reggae was on the world stage before you came along,” one fan said on Twitter.

“Disagree with you Beenie you is not the king of dancehall and dancehall was global before you,” another fan wrote.

MC Nuffy has also weighed in while agreeing with fans that Beenie Man should respect those who came before him.

“Beenie Man haffi just understand that he played a major role in the business, but he still has to respect the people before him,” the MC said. “Beenie Man nah accept that we have a new ‘Dancehall King’. But at the same time, we were expected to accept him during the time when he wanted to take Yellow Man out of the spot.”

“Come on man, Beenie. It sound like a you one do everything for dancehall and a you one do the work. We respect you as a icon and as a general, but what happen to the rest of the people dem before you? What about Josey Wales, Charlie Chaplin and Shabba weh get the thing dem before yuh?”

Beenie Man won a Grammy Award in 2001 for his album Art and Life. That is his only Grammy award. Shabba Ranks won two Grammys in 1992 and 1993 for his albums As Raw As Ever and X-tra Naked, respectively. Shaggy also won a a Grammy in 1996 for his project Boombastic.


  1. Zimmmmmmmmm zimmmma

  2. sandrae gunter

    U expect people to pay respect to u (and is still trying to deny the obvious. Vybz is King now) but fail to pay respect to those before u, stop wid Grammy thing the # of Grammy does not make u king SHABBA has more than u and is not going around waving them, if u check it out BOUNTY did more for Dancehall than Beenie, if it was for beenie , he would be the only artiste in dancehall, Bounty bring through the artiste them fi eat a food whether directly or indirectly Mavado Busy, Donia Vybz kartel etc (thus Popcaan, Ryno,Gaza Slim Tommy lee etc even Alkaline !!!)

  3. sandrae gunter

    Beenie is once up on a time. Beenie said u need to set trends. Vybz Kartel set every trend in the book,the man brought Clarkes back to prominence , mek Cake soap sell like hot bread, mek every artiste start sign bout freaky gyal, him make successful j’cans start call themselves World boss (eg Bolt, Chris Gayle etc) BUT MOST impressively because of vybz Alkaline was created (even if he don’t want to admit it). Vybz Kartel is King of the Dancehall

  4. Beenie Man, seemingly you have amnesia or something. One name–Shabba Ranks; the namesake for A$AP Rocky’s song.

  5. what a joke! We all rated him in the 90s. No doubt he was the king of dancehall back then But Kartel rules dancehall for a decade now and even from jail he kills dem all.

    • Kartel was never able to take his music to a larger audience like say: Barrington Levy, Shabba Ranks, Shaggy, Super Cat, etc. He isn’t a pioneer of the genre, yet you people want to discredit people that pave the way.

      • The topic is not about people who wants to discredit the ones who paved the way. Its about a deejay who believes he brought dancehall to the world. To answer your comment on Kartel, how could he take his music to a larger audience when he is a gangster and killer? The system locked him up, and his greed for money didnt allow him to sign with large multinationale like sean paul or shaggy did. By the way, Kartel always respected the pionners. Anyway. Kartel rules dancehall for years now. If not him, who does? Dont tell me sean paul…its not dancehall anymore. Also, Kartel never pretended to be a pioneer. But look how many deejays followed his style, flow, etc… rihanna, busta, drake.. know who is the latest king of dancehall.

      • Obviously, I was talking about prior to his arrest. Kartel never had any desire to leave his comfortable throne in Jamaica? I never said it was part of the topic. lol I can’t help but notice how Jamaicans love to minimize any artist who isn’t Kartel, but at the same time, want to attach themselves whenever said artist achieve success in foreign.

        Were you this critical of Sean Paul’s music when he was busy putting Jamaica on the map with his “weird music”? By the way, Sean Paul’s catalog includes Beyoncé, Rihanna, Busta Rhymes and many more.

        Kartel is talented, but he still hasn’t reached nowhere yet. He has to rely on technology, word-of-mouth, etc.,to get his music out of Jamaica. Shabba himself said something to the effect that he doesn’t get respect in Jamaica, and how he prefers to be in America. Wasn’t Kartel involved in a feud with Shabba?!

      • prior to his arrest in 2011? lol :) 5 years are gone since then. And who runs dancehall even from jail? Every REAL dancehall fan knows who runs dancehall for a decade now, no matter if you like Kartel or not. Obviously you don’t know much about what is happening behind billboards and MTV. And who cares if Kartel was involved with a feud with Shabba? Kartel was involved in feuds with Spragga, Assassin, Ninja, Bounty, Movado, as its part of the image he wants to give. So what? To end this topic, Yellowman, Shabba, Beenie, Kartel, who will be next? Lets see.

      • You “talk about ending this topic”, yet you’ve asked me a series of questions.? It starts and ends with Kartel. It’s called Kartel-supremacy.

  6. Shabba Ranks more fitted of the king of dancehall than Beenie Man. But ultimately Vybz Kartel take the title even without a Grammy

  7. SHABBA!