Versatile – You Belong To Me Lyrics

You have mi heart, have mi heart
And you nuh know you got mi heart
You have mi heart, got mi heart

(Verse 1)
Many girls come my way
But they don’t seem to amaze me why?
I don’t know nuh matter what they try
But baaby, you give me butterfly
Baby, you alone, you alone, you alone, you alone
You alone and I
Together we both can touch the sky
But baby we don’t need wings to fly

Baby you belong to me
And you know I belong to you
Belong to you, and you belong to me, to me
Baby you belong to me
Belong to me

(Verse 2)
Like Adam to Eve
Two a we together like sand to sea breeze
In a Los-Angeles
Five star hotel wi a jam fi 3 weeks
You full a vibes just like me
Plus you likkle supn tight and tiny
From mi likkle bit you know seh mi love you
Every time mi go shop mi haffi buy you waan candy

(Pre Chorus)
You got mi heart, got mi heart
Cyaa stay paw mi feat shi knock mi off
Got mi heart, got mi heart
Shi nuh have no competition shi top the chart

Go mi heart, shi got mi heart
Pick mi up and mi nuh waan shi drop mi off

In a the drag top, top lift off
Same place her frock lift off
Naw laugh

(Repeat Chorus & Pre Chorus)