Chief Keef – Violence ft. Tone Trump & Cee-Lo Green Lyrics

Boy, violence
Boy, violence
Boy, violence

(Verse 1 – Chief Keef)
Ni**as coming through with that violence
Ni**as mix two with that Molly
Ain’t got nothing to do with that money
I’m coming through with that chopper
Ni**as come and deal with that violence
As far that gun that’s silence
Ni**as come and deal with that violence
Ain’t know nothing about it
Come through and we redrum-ing
Murder a ni**a off of that donkey
If it ain’t nothing funny bout money
Look f*** ni**a get money
In my car and I self park it
Hop out then get to sparking
Give it to however you want it
I am 2pac for the moment

Got no love, violence
Boy, violence

(Verse 2 – Cee-Lo Green)
See we are, far from taking flicks with guns
I murder the beat with the sticks and drums
Break bread with brothers, turning bricks to crumbs
Then we put it in the mix to addict the young
This is something you must understand
Music can just kill a man
A mean poker face and wild card in my hand
Tone Trump out of Phila-stan

(Verse 3 – Tone Trump)
Middle of the summer we don’t chill
Them West Philly mahf**kers kill at will
Fresh Prince of the ghetto man I feel like Will
Only working three jobs just to pay them bills
I could kill gem with the gun rather kill em with my mind
My little sister pregnant but my brother doing time
My baby boy squeal but my baby mom stressing
I only fear Allah but the uzi on the dresser
Bang, bang like my hittas from the Chi
Ni**as looking rich but they barely getting by
We was selling crack when they was selling lies
Al my young bulls violent, you can see it in their eyes
I stood tall when that f**kboy folded
I’m sober now but I was high when I wrote this
Dreams like Martin but I’m strapped like Malcolm
My plug from the A got me balling like a Falcon

(Repeat Chorus)

(Bridge – Cee-Lo Green)
Say, say
I’ll write a life sentence on a stick pen
Real rappers record on yellow tape then
Cop a plea all the
Institution that allows it to make men
Gon turn it up for the cops too
It’s still a crime to be silent
So speak up and get violent if you got to

(Repeat Chorus)