Iggy Azalea Slams Beyonce ‘Becky’ Lyrics Calling It A Stereotype

Iggy Azalea is calling out Beyonce fans over her “Becky” lyrics on her single “Sorry” off her new album LEMONADE.

On the track Beyonce sings about her husband (Jay Z) cheating on her with a Becky with good hair. The term Becky is used to reference white girls.

Beyonce Addresses Jay Z Cheating With Rachel Roy, Beyhives Attack On Social Media

Clearly, the pop star was not referencing Iggy Azalea, but a lot of her fans (BeyHive) have singled out Rachel Roy and Rita Ora. The blonde rapper thinks its just a plain stereotype used against basic white girls.

“Dont ever call me a becky,” the rapper said to one of her fans on Twitter.

“Generalizing ANY race by calling them one sterotypical name for said race,” Iggy said in response to a tweet from one of her followers. “I personally dont think is very cool, the end.”

“It was used as a play on brain and brian. you would not be down if i started calling all black men “deshawns” Iggy added.

Take a seat and wait for the BeyHives to swarm Iggy Azalea social media page now.